Christmas Cookie Night

The holidays are the happiest time of the year… THEY ARE ALSO THE BUSIEST!


I have a “group text” with the three ladies shown in the photo above and we were magically able to make plans and execute them this weekend. If you’ve ever tried to make plans with a group of girls that have big families, significant others and work full-time jobs then you know it’s not an easy feat.




Anywho, we planned to have it at my parent’s house with my mom and her bestie. The week leading up to the cookie extravaganza my mom and I planned out ways to make the gathering even more fun. We surprised each girl with her own personalized apron, set of plaid antlers and a cookie tray to take home. Each apron was rolled up and put inside of a mason jar…  you know… just to add a little more pizazz! They were SUCH a hit and very easy to do!

Personalized party favors are my new favorite thing.


Here are the instructions!

  1. White Aprons
  2. A vinyl cutting machine -> I use a Cricut
  3. Cricut® Iron-On Glitter (I used black and gold)

I chose an SVG of a gingerbread cookie that I found online and used the font Amarillo for the names. It was such a unique and wallet-friendly idea that absolutely made the night.



My cookie of choice was a Soft Batch Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cookie. I found it on Pinterest and knew it was THE ONE! They didn’t end up looking much like the cookie on the Pinterest post but I am pretty sure that’s because I messed up during step 3…. I overcooked the choco chips in the microwave and they got a wee bit tough. It didn’t reall matter though… These chocolatey caramel cookies were still a HIT! UNREAL DELICIOUSNESS. I am happy to report that my favorite cookie of the night was Krista’s Cream Cheese Oreo Cookie. They were a definite crowd pleaser and I will be making them again in the future.


Until next time…